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  • AIM
    Expert know-how in the field of “Auto ID” technologies

    AIM is a globally active industry association for companies operating in the field of automatic identification, data processing and mobile data communication. With its lively network of more than 120 members from industry, research and politics, AIM promotes the development and market penetration of “Auto ID” technologies. As a member, Logopak profits from AIM’s active support and know-how and also has best possible access to the latest technologies and developments surrounding the mega topics Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things

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  • GS1 Germany Solution 
    Implementing global standards in new technologies

    With its Global Language of Business, GS1 sets globally valid standards for the identification of products and reliable communication along the entire value chain. Using this »common language« enables automating and simplifying complex processes. Logopak supplies highly efficient, future-oriented labelling systems based on GS1 standards. Our customers can rely on our comprehensive know-how when it comes to GS1 processes. As a GS1 partner, Logopak is part of the GS1 Knowledge Centre. In this context, we have launched our first in-house developed, fully automatic labelling system equipped with the pioneering RFID technology, which provides complete traceability of all labelled products.

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    Complete traceability through RFID technology

    The global alliance RAIN RFID promotes the dissemination and standardisation of RFID technology. As an active member, Logopak takes part in the meetings and work groups organised by RAIN Alliance. Logopak’s industrial labelling systems utilise RFID technology for the fast and reliable identification and complete traceability of products. RFID means tracking and tracing at the highest level.

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