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We are the driving force behind industrial labelling

Logopak is the pioneer and one of the world's leading system providers for the industrial labelling of product and shipping packaging and pallets. Because we understand your complex processes and requirements and develop exactly the solution you need: State of the art, holistically designed, based on modern platform technology with customer-specific adjustments. To increase the efficiency, security and sustainability of your value chain.


Industry Solutions


Logopak launches new brand identity

November 2020 --->>Welcome to the future of labelling« is what it says on Logopak’s new corporate website, where the company, which is headquartered in Hartenholm/Germany, now presents its new brand image and logo. A lot has changed at Logopak, not only on the outside: Within the scope of its growth and innovation strategy, the provider of industrial labelling systems has taken numerous pioneering steps towards the future.

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Sustainable, waste-free labelling

November 2020 --->> Logopak’s new, fully automated labelling system Logomatic 410 Linerless provides sustainable, flexible and budget-friendly labelling of secondary packaging and shipping cartons. Omitting the label liner significantly increases the running length and capacity of the label rolls, saves costs, and benefits the environment by reducing the CO2 footprint in production and logistics, as linerless labelling obviates the need for costly disposal of siliconized carrier material. Logomatic 410 Linerless enables cutting the labels, which are coated with active adhesives, to individual sizes, which additionally optimises both the material input and economically efficient use of Logopak’s innovative eco labeller. In cooperation with Evonik, Logopak has developed TEGO® RC 730, a special silicone coating that provides reliable dispensing of the linerless labels whilst protecting the surface of the printed label to ensure durable readability.

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Complete traceability

Smart labelling systems for complete traceability along the value chain.

Efficient labelling systems

In combination with high-quality consumables, we provide you with a complete system solution.

Working at Logopak

In order to further expand our leading market position, we are always looking for committed employees.

Innovative technology concepts

Logopak continues to drive the development of Industry 4.0 and IoT with innovative solutions. Our latest-generation PowerLeap control unit, for instance, provides the optional use of OPC UA. 

OPC UA is short for Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture, one of the most important communication protocols used for Industry 4.0 and IoT. 

Intelligent networking of factories requires the use of a common language. Offering exactly that, OPC UA is a key instrument for the realisation of Industry 4.0. 

OPC UA standardizes the access to machines, devices and other systems used in industrial environments, and enables the uniform and manufacturer-independent exchange of data.

Mitarbeiter der Logopak Systeme GmbH & Co. KG an seinem Arbeitsplatz.

Working at Logopak

As one of the world's leading system providers, we are significantly shaping the future of industrial labelling. We are always looking for committed employees who can enrich our team with their talent and skills . We offer our employees a professional home with exciting tasks and plenty of space for their own ideas. Find out more here.

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