Improved labelling processes

We develop solutions that make our customers’ labelling processes faster, safer and more environmentally friendly. 

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Our promise

The Perfect Labelling System. Faster. Safer. Greener.

Logopak can offer you the perfect system for your entire value chain, from production to logistics and delivery to the end customer. We aim to provide best-practice solutions for every individual labelling requirement. Both our efficient plug & play labellers and customised solutions are designed to master almost any technical challenge. In addition, we support you with accurate documentations, clever tools, excellent training and proactive communication.  


Increased efficiency for your production.

With Logopak, you profit from high-speed solutions on all levels. Our systems provide continuous real-time labelling with up to 480 labels per minute. Short delivery lead times and extremely fast response times by Logopak’s customer support are living proof of our “high speed” promise.  

Maximum availability.

Our hardware and software solutions are designed for continuous 24/7 operation to guarantee fail-safe labelling through maximum availability. Smart RFID technology provides 100% product traceability to ensure safe and transparent processes.The combination of our safe, ERP-compatible data management (Logosoft), high-end quality control (Vericoder), and optimal usability makes Logopak labelling systems the number one choice for your production.

For a better future.

We make sustainable and economically efficient labelling processes possible: with our linerless labelling solution, which means substantial savings in terms of material and CO₂ emissions , energy-saving electric drives, eco-friendly processes, and with labellers designed for many years of reliable operation.  

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