Strong global system provider

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We combine innovative strength with technological expertise and excellent digital, industry and process know-how.

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The future of labelling

Everybody is talking about the future. We give it an identity.

As pioneers in the field of industrial labelling, we have been committed to supporting industrial clients in developing future-oriented production and logistics processes for over 40 years. We create sustainable added value for our customers. Our labelling solutions guarantee more efficiency and safety, increased availability, and, most importantly, more sustainability.

Genuine print & apply specialists

We are specialised in print & apply solutions. By combining innovative vigour with both technological and digital expertise as well as excellent process and industry know-how, we are able to offer our customers the perfect system, comprising efficient labellers, innovative software, consumables and top service. What makes us unique is the combination of a family-run business and highly professional entrepreneurship. From the management to our sales and service team, we all give top priority to good personal contact with our customers and take a genuine interest in your success!

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Global presence

Running 15 business sites and branch offices with more than 300 employees worldwide, Logopak is active around the world. At our headquarters based in Hartenholm north of Hamburg, we develop and produce our labelling solutions »Made in Germany«, with an in-house manufacturing depth of 90%. As an autonomously operating part of the financially sound Possehl Foundation, Logopak is a strong and future-oriented partner.   

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Visionary spirit

Substantially changing production environments create massive challenges for modern businesses. Relying on our visionary spirit, we identify new trends and their underlying potential early on. We strongly believe that “thinking ahead” and “leading the way” are the key factors for future success. With a clear focus on our customers’ specific requirements, we create identification solutions that are always »two steps ahead« to give our customers a decisive head start.

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