Solutions for the Pharma Industry

Our high-precision Logopak labelling systems are perfectly tailored to meet the high demands of the pharma industry in terms of quality and safety by providing maximum reliability and integrated high-end quality control. 

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Characteristic features

  • Highest demands in terms of hygiene and precision
  • Fully automated production for maximum process reliability and safety
  • Sensitive substances and packaging


  • Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62/EU: Tamper-Evident labels
  • Guaranteeing process reliability and safety
  • Various different sizes, surfaces and packaging formats

Our solutions

Increased speed:

  • Both our off-line and in-line labellers ideally complement every production line (complete and easy integration in ERP systems).
  • Highly reliable and easy-to-use vial labellers provide gentle labelling of vials, ampoules, and small cylindrical products: up to 400 units per minute.
  • Safe, easy-to-use in-line- and off-line systems provide highly accurate labelling of round, conical and triangular pins and devices: up to 100 products per minute.


Increased safety:

  • Printing of serial numbers / batch data using ink jet or laser technology to ensures best possible compliance security.
  • Complete traceability of all articles through smart RFID labelling.
  • GAMP-compliant cardboard packaging in accordance with the Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62/EU (Tamper-Evident labels), and highest levels of process reliability and safety.
  • Secure closing and sealing of packaging, with transparent or non-transparent labels.


Improved quality:

  • Unique feature: high-end quality control with our patented Logopak Vericoder.
  • In-line labellers provide high-precision application on syringes: up to 200 products per minute with millimetric label accuracy.
  • Automated discharge system for non-conforming or faulty products.
  • Heavy-duty systems with robust enclosures, high cycle rates and reduced material changeover times.


Increased sustainability:

Practical applications

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