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Possehl Identification Solutions launches new software platform PID 3SIXTY 


Düsseldorf, May 2023. At the Interpack trade show, Possehl Identification Solutions (PID) presents its new software platform PID 3SIXTY, a state-of-the-art print and data management and machine monitoring software for identification processes. PID, a division of the German Possehl Group, consists of ten independent brands working closely together and combining their know-how in order to provide perfectly matching identification solutions for any need.

“Our knowledge of product identification processes is unmatched, as it is based on extensive expertise and experience in a wide range of industries,” says Dietrich Barsch, CEO of Possehl Identification Solutions (PID). “We have pooled our resources to jointly develop the most advanced, efficient and user-friendly product identification software for the market. PID 3SIXTY is the first innovation developed in collaboration and will certainly not be the last.” Rainer Canstein, Director of Corporate Development & Digital Strategy at Possehl Identification Solutions adds: “Over the last two years, the software experts of all PID companies have been working closely together to develop PID 3SIXTY. We now can´t wait to show it live for the first time at Interpack!”

With the software, the PID companies aim to reduce the burden on customers and make the complex but unavoidable process of product identification as simple as possible. Consisting of two products – manage.ID and monitor.ID – PID 3SIXTY is able to manage and control the entire product identification process by not only sending the right data to the devices but also analyzing the data from the devices – for performance statistics and machine health statuses.

“With PID 3SIXTY, we want to give our customers peace of mind when it comes to product identification. The state-of-art software combines an intuitive user interface with unlimited possibilities to control and monitor the customers print & apply devices and such simplifies the identification tasks along the entire production line”, says Lars Thuring, Product Manager PID 3SIXTY, Logopak.

manage.ID – for more connectivity in the product identification process 
manage.ID bridges the gap between IT & production and ensures that the right data is sent to the right printing devices at the right time. To do this, it collects the data coming from the customer‘s IT landscape, be it an ERP/MES system or a dedicated database, bundles it and sends it to all relevant product identification devices.

The software offers many features and benefits to make life easier for customers. Among them:

  • Management of all tasks & data related to product identification in one central location 
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interfaces with drag & drop functionality 
  • Transparency, traceability and product compliance throughout the entire product identification process 
  • Fast deployment speed due to low-code and no-code approach 
  • Support of all identification hardware, independent of technology and brand

To suit specific & typical integrations the PID experts pre-packaged manage.ID in four solutions packages. These cover the entire printing process, either at the enterprise level for all product identification hardware or in conjunction with dedicated hardware.

monitor.ID – for enhanced productivity 
The cloud-based machine data platform not only monitors the health of customers' PID hardware, but also provides comprehensive dashboards for performance and usage information. On the intuitive and user-based dashboard, users get an overview of:

  • Machine performance 
  • Operating and downtime 
  • Machine history 
  • Maintenance status

“By keeping track of the maintenance schedule and providing an overview of the overall performance of the PID hardware, the software helps customers avoid unexpected downtime and optimize production efficiency”, says Bram Vanisterbecq Product Manager PID 3SIXTY, NOVEXX Solutions.

About POSSEHL Identification Solutions 
POSSEHL Identification Solutions (PID) is an alliance of Possehl companies in the field of print and apply, labelling, coding, software, and label production and part of the internationally active POSSEHL Group based in Lübeck, Germany. The group of currently ten independent brands in industrial identification technology – Logopak, LSS, NOVEXX Solutions, Eidos, Etipack, Datakamp, Labelcraft, and Nordvalls Label Group with Kölle Etiketten and Watermill – bring together their expertise and the experience of all companies to create added value for customers and users. POSSEHL has stood for entrepreneurial continuity and sustainable success for more than 175 years. Today the POSSEHL Group comprises more than 200 companies in more than 30 countries. Currently POSSEHL has around 13,000 employees worldwide.

More information at: https://www.pid3sixty.com/