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Logopak launches new brand identity


Logopak underpins its claim to leadership in industrial labelling

»Welcome to the future of labelling« is what it says on Logopak’s new corporate website, where the company, which is headquartered in Hartenholm/Germany, now presents its new brand image and logo. A lot has changed at Logopak, not only on the outside: Within the scope of its growth and innovation strategy, the provider of industrial labelling systems has taken numerous pioneering steps towards the future.

By introducing new products and services including extended after-sales support and innovative software and data management solutions, Logopak now offers its customers even more comprehensive support in their highly competitive environments.

»We have systematically strengthened our competencies in order to be able to master the complex challenges imposed by modern production and logistic chains together with our customers”, outlines Logopak’s Managing Director Steffan Gold.

The new corporate design impressively visualises the combined strength of the German-based SME company by conveying Logopak’s core values, namely innovation, sustainability and commitment, as well as the very essence of the brand, which is to provide »Better Labelling Solutions«. Both the brand definition and new corporate design as well as the entire relaunch campaign have been created in close cooperation with the agency FIRST ART based in Gießen.

“Our newly formulated claim »Faster. Safer. Greener.« captures the added value provided by our innovative labelling and identification solutions in a nutshell“, Steffan Gold goes on to explain.  

The new brand image can be experienced at all relevant points of contact, from Logoapk’s corporate website as an anchor platform to promotion material and branded service vehicles right down to social media communications.

About Logopak

Logopak is one of the globally leading providers of industrial labelling and identification solutions comprising hardware, software and services. The company based in Hartenholm near Hamburg supplies renowned international enterprises from various industries including the food, beverage, e-commerce, chemical and automotive sectors.


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