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Logomatic 715 PF: space-saving 2-sided pallet labelling according to GS1 standard


Presentation of the new Logomatic 715 PF labelling system

Hartenholm, March 2022 - With the Logomatic 715 PF labelling system, Logopak is currently presenting a compact, efficient and economical solution for 2-sided pallet labelling in accordance with the GS1 standard. Designed for standard applications, the system is capable of labelling up to 120 pallets per hour on 2 sides. The new pallet labeller has an integrated article database and can be operated either stand-alone or integrated into a network. Intuitive touch-screen operation, easy reel change, the quick-change print engine and integrated diagnostics combine a pleasant user experience with high availability even in harsh environments.

The Logomatic 715 PF labelling system is a real space saver and requires only a small footprint. This ensures quick and smooth installation – after which the labelling system is immediately ready for use. The 2-sided labelling is carried out either on the front and side or on the back and side of the pallet. Labels up to DIN A5 format can be processed – in direct thermal or thermal transfer printing processes with up to 300 dpi – with a label roll length of up to 600 metres. When generating SSCC and NVE labels, the automatic labeller meets the specifications of the GS1 standard, as it does when positioning and applying the two identical labels on the pallet.


Logomatic 715 PF offers customised functionality

Even though Logopak’s Logomatic 715 PF labelling system has been designed as an entry-level model in the world of pallet labelling, it offers extensive functionalities even in the basic version. Integrated as standard are, for example, an article database for offline or stand-alone operation, a real-time clock, compressed air and vacuum monitoring, and an error diagnosis tool. If required, the user can integrate further options, such as barcode validation via scanner or manual height and side adjustment – in case the labeller is used at different locations with different heights or depths of the conveyor system. If the user uses Logopak’s modular LogoSoft software solution for his central data and process management, this tool supports real-time labelling as well as serial labelling and synchronisation of the labelling system with article master data in an ERP system.


 “Value for Money” labelling

The Logomatic 715 PF labelling system offers a suitable price/performance ratio, particularly for standard tertiary labelling applications – making it one of the most economical solutions for 2-sided labelling in accordance with the GS1 standard.