Solutions for Tertiary Labelling

Our highly efficient Logopak solutions provide safe and reliable labelling of pallets and logistics units such as big-bags or octa-bins, for increased productivity in transport and logistics. 

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Labelling of logistics units and pallets

Complete traceability” made easy

Tertiary packaging is usually the final transport packaging in the production chain or logistics process, and combines multiple secondary packaging in one load unit. Mostly packed on pallets or in containers, these units are ready to be transported, shipped or put into storage. Complete traceability of all units achieved through RFID technology and machine-readable barcodes takes top priority in order to ensure smooth processes.

Logopak has developed smart solutions that meet the high demands placed on tertiary labelling. Our unique Barcode Vericoder, for instance, verifies the print quality of barcodes to ensure maximum readability of the printed product information. Our innovative RFID labels guarantee complete traceability along the entire value chain. For labelling in production environments with temperatures of between -27°C and +50°C, we offer special air-conditioning and cooling solutions that provide optimal protection of your products through insulated enclosures and heating or cooling systems.

Logopak solutions make tertiary labelling even more efficient and reliable. Our innovative systems cover the entire range of pallet labelling, from stand-alone to fully integrated machines, from semi-automatic to high-performance systems designed for high-speed production lines, and from fully automated labellers that apply labels simultaneously to different faces of the pallet to all-round labelling solutions. Our in-house developed middleware LogoSoft ensures smooth integration in existing ERP systems and the customer’s IT structure, and provides reliable controlling and documentation of all labelling processes.


Matching labelling systems

Most widely used applicators

In addition to the space available in individual production facilities, the shape and size of a product are the most decisive factors when it comes to selecting a suitable applicator.  Our solutions can be flexibly adapted to almost any product size and easily integrated in individual production environments. 

Practical applications