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Whether your business is active in the building materials industry, in the cosmetics sector, or in the mechanical engineering industry, each industrial segment has its very own requirements and processes. Logopak develops perfectly matched labelling systems that meet even the most complex demands in terms of speed, flexibility and data security. Our comprehensive expertise enables us to offer you the best solution for your individual production environment.

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  • Complete and durable labelling of all parts
  • Highest standards in terms of quality, safety and durability
  • Full traceability of all goods
  • Integration of our labellers in the customer’s individual IT environment


  • Various different sizes, surfaces and packaging formats
  • Data security and product identification
  • Extreme production conditions
  • Different cycle rates varying from slow to very fast

Our solutions

More speed:

  • Fast and precise labellers for every requirement and application; for primary, secondary and tertiary labelling
  • High-speed labelling in real time with a wide range of applicators available to ensure perfect integration in existing production lines
  • Continuous production cycles ensure high line speeds and minimised downtimes


More safety: 

  • Investment reliability through + 10 years deliverability of spare parts
  • Highest machine availability: designed for years of continuous 24/7 use
  • Complete traceability through smart RFID labelling
  • Intelligent data management with LogoSoft for real-time and serial labelling etc. (can be easily integrated in ERP systems).


More quality:

  • All our systems are characterised by their extremely robust design and can be optionally equipped with enclosures for use in tough ambient conditions
  • Wide range of different labels in outstanding print quality, can be designed to meet your individual needs
  • Rapid changing of materials, excellent service accessibility
  • USP: High-end quality control with our patented Logopak Vericoder
  • TDI touchscreen ensures simple and efficient machine operation


More sustainability:


We will be pleased to advise you on customised solutions for your industry and individual production environment.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Telefon: +49 4195 - 99750 


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