Solutions for the Beverage Industry

As a pioneer and expert in the beverage industry, Logopak specialises in the fast, high-precision labelling of bottles, tins, packs, trays, casks, kegs and pallets. Carefully selected applicators and options ensure that our well-proven basic machines become customised solutions our clients can rely on. One important aspect is that our labellers can be easily integrated in ERP systems (for example SAP, ORACLE), another is our patented, fully automated Inline-Barcode-Verification.

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Characteristic features

  • Non-stop production at high cycle rates
  • High food safety and hygiene standards
  • Traceability of goods


  • Various different sizes, surfaces and packaging formats
  • Speed and label accuracy
  • Heavy-duty machines designed for continuous production

Our solutions

Increased speed:

  • Increased productivity due to high-speed tray labelling with up to 480 labels/minute in real time through a tridem controller (also used as a standby system to enable roll changes without any downtime)
  • Fast, multi-side pallet labelling: up to 240 pallets per hour, with labels applied on up to 3 sides
  • Labelling and securing of reusable packaging items: up to 120 pallets per hour – no adhesive residues
  • High-precision keg labelling in real time with up to 15 labels per minute in cyclic operation
  • Fully automated labelling of foil banderoles
  • Flexible pallet labelling: with individualised and collaborating robot solutions


More safety:

  • Intelligent data management with Logosoft for real-time and serial labelling etc. (can be easily integrated in ERP systems)
  • 100% product traceability through smart RFID labelling
  • Compliance with EU Directive 178/2002 (Food Safety Act)
  • Integrated, fully automated inline barcode verification according to ISO/IEC Standard
  • Highest machine availability: designed for continuous 24/7 operation


Improved quality:

  • Heavy-duty systems and enclosures for demanding production environments
  • High cycle rates and rapid changing of material
  • Unique feature: high-end quality control through our patented Logopak Vericoder


Increased sustainability:

  • Less material, lower CO₂ emissions and zero waste through linerless labelling
  • Energy-saving electric drive of the labeller and environmentally friendly processes.

Practical applications

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