Sustainable Labelling Solutions

For a better future.

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Efficient and sustainable labelling systems from Logopak

At Logopak, we are passionate about making labelling processes more efficient, more secure and, above all, more environmentally friendly. We are your partner for a better future: with the perfect system of excellent hardware, state-of-the-art software and top service.

CSRD compliance: your partner for the European Green Deal

Time for change: From 2024, compliance with the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will become a mandatory task. With our labelling and software solutions, we make it easier for you to achieve greater sustainability and ensure efficient, transparent documentation of your legal compliance. So that you can realise the goals of the European Green Deal and the "green industry plan".

Economic efficiency meets sustainability

No liner, no waste,
no compromises

With our sustainable labels without liner (linerless labelling), you can significantly reduce your material consumption and CO₂ emissions - with an annual consumption of approx. 15,000,000 labels, this means up to 10% lower material costs, around 13,950 kg less waste and up to 14,500 kg less CO₂ emissions per year. What's more, fewer stops are required for reel changes - for greater efficiency and system availability.

Environmentally friendly, cost-saving e-applicators

With electromechanically powered applicators, you can reduce your operating costs by up to 2,080 euros per year (with a consumption of 17,337 kwH/year), operate more sustainably and increase your productivity at the same time. The environmentally friendly e-applicators score points with less wear and tear, lower maintenance costs and a longer service life. They also eliminate any problems with fluctuations and impurities in the compressed air.

Long-lasting machines

Our labelling systems stand for high quality and an impressively long service life. This not only brings economic benefits, but also sets an example for the responsible use of our resources and our environment. With Logopak, you are investing in future-proof technology and a sustainable future.

The sustainable solutions from Logopak

Our sustainable labelling solutions ensure highly efficient processes that minimise your downtimes and maximise your output. Environmentally friendly, air-free e-applicators optimise energy consumption and thus reduce the carbon footprint of your production. Our sustainable labels without liner (linerless labelling) reduce material waste and costs in storage and logistics. Last but not least, the durability and consistently high quality of our machines make an important contribution to the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of your production.

Sustainable labels

Use Logopak's innovative linerless technology for environmentally friendly labelling - without any material waste.

Environmentally friendly labels without waste material

Long readability meets linerless labels

Traditional labelling with self-adhesive labels leaves the paper or plastic backing material as waste. In the EU, around 400,000 tonnes of this waste is disposed of every year. Logopak's innovative linerless technology enables environmentally friendly labelling without this liner, saving costs and minimising waste material - cost-effectively, efficiently and reliably. And thanks to our unique linerless material with a siliconised surface, our labels score with long-lasting legibility.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Sustainable labels / Linerless labelling
  • Cost reduction and minimisation of CO2 emissions
  • Fewer stops for reel changes
  • Increased efficiency and system availability
  • Siliconised surface with long-lasting legibility

Secondary labelling

Label trays, cartons or shrink packs efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way with our sustainable solutions for a wide range of secondary packaging.

Fully automated labelling system for linerless labels

Environmentally friendly and flexible labelling

With the use of linerless continuous labels, the sustainable 410 Linerless labelling solution ensures flexible labelling without waste. What's more, the number of labels per roll is increased by an impressive 50% - for greater availability and a material run length of up to 1,000 metres. A particular advantage: thanks to the gapless continuous label webs, the label length can be determined individually for each print job; you do not have to change the label roll when changing formats, which saves you time and effort.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Sustainable labels / linerless labelling
  • More economical procurement and replenishment logistics
  • Maximum flexibility: label cut can be varied flexibly
  • Fewer stops for roll changes
  • Cost reduction and minimisation of CO2 emissions
  • Sustainable, flexible and budget-friendly solution
  • Control & Traceability Software: PID 3SIXTY

Environmentally friendly e-applicator without compressed air

Resource and cost-saving labelling

Compressed air-free labelling systems offer great savings potential for your production. Instead of cost- and energy-intensive compressed air, the 410 Green applicator uses precise electric motors to position labels reliably and accurately. This all-electric application system works more quietly and efficiently and also saves significant resources and costs. The switch to this future-proof technology not only increases efficiency, but also demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability and innovation.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Complete elimination of the cost- and energy-intensive compressed air process
  • Quiet, resource-saving electric motor
  • Less wear, lower maintenance costs and longer service life
  • Flexibility in machine installation
  • Cost reduction and minimisation of CO2 emissions

Tertiary labelling

Discover our sustainable and high-performance solutions for labelling tertiary packaging and logistics units such as pallets, big bags and octabins.

Hybrid pallet labelling

Efficient, flexible and sustainable labelling

The hybrid system from Logopak adapts flexibly to your needs and processes linerless or, after conversion, die-cut labels. With its direct thermal printing process, it ensures optimum quality in accordance with the GS1 standard. The environmentally friendly e-applicator completely eliminates pneumatic problems with fluctuations and contamination from compressed air.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Sustainable labels / Linerless labelling
  • From linerless labels to die-cut labels and back again
  • Complete elimination of energy-intensive compressed air process
  • Cost reduction and minimisation of CO2 emissions
  • Environmentally friendly e-applicator (without compressed air system)
  • Control & traceability software: PID 3SIXTY
  • Optional RFID system

Schnur-Etikettierung ohne Trägermaterial

Pallet labelling and transport protection without PE film

With our fully automatic string labelling system, you can label and secure your pallets in one go. The sustainable labelling solution 920 PSCK completely dispenses with PE film for transport protection and instead relies on a transport protection cord that can be reused several times. 

The advantages at a glance:

  • Sustainable labels / linerless labelling
  • Fewer stops for reel changes
  • Approx. 50 % more label runs per roll
  • Cost reduction and minimisation of CO2 emissions
  • Robust design (protective housing)
  • Control & traceability software: PID 3SIXTY

Software solution

Complete transparency: With our software solution, you have full control over your processes and ensure the complete traceability of your products.

Control & Management Software

Unique 360° solution for controlling and monitoring your coding and marking processesWith the innovative PID 3SIXTY software solution, you can easily manage and monitor print jobs and data from your coding and marking process. PID 3SIXTY not only sends data to your devices, but also analyses feedback for performance statistics and machine status. For comprehensive 360-degree control of the complex process of product identification along your entire production line.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Increased connectivity, productivity and transparency
  • Complete traceability of your products
  • Less downtime thanks to preventive maintenance
  • Everything can be configured in an instant and as required
  • Compatible with all printers - regardless of brand and technology

Faster. More efficiency for your production.

Benefit from high-speed labelling in all dimensions: Our Logopak systems label up to 480 labels per minute continuously and in real time. We also fulfil our high-speed claim with short delivery times and extremely fast response times in support.

Safer. Highest availability.

Our hardware and software is designed for 24/7 continuous use and scores with fail-safe labelling thanks to maximum availability.


The combination of secure, ERP-compatible data management, high-end quality control and optimum usability makes the Logopak labelling system the safest choice for your production.

Greener. For a better future.

We make sustainable and economical labelling possible: with linerless labelling in favour of massive savings in material and CO₂ emissions (product linerless), with gentle machine electric drives and environmentally friendly processes. And last but not least: with the impressively long service life of our machines.

We are your partner for efficient and sustainable labelling systems.

Hardware, Software & Service -

at Logopak you get the perfect system from a single source.