Solutions for Secondary Labelling

Our highly efficient Logopak systems ensure reliable labelling of various types of secondary packaging, such as trays, cartons or shrink packs, by providing the optimal combination of speed, precision and safety.

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High-speed labelling of packaging

Maximum efficiency and reliability

Secondary packaging such as cartons, trays, containers, foil bags, shipping cartons, six-packs etc. encloses and protects products. It is used to group individual articles and repack them to create larger units.

What all the different surfaces and types of secondary packaging have in common is that they need to be labelled speedily and reliably within the production chain, with accurately applied and machine-readable labels printed with product information such as article and batch numbers or use-by dates.

Logopak’s extremely efficient high-speed systems provide reliable secondary labelling in continuous operation. Precise labelling at high cycle rates guarantees highest levels of data security. Automatic height adjustment of the individual packaging items ensures accurate labelling of shipping cartons and shipping bags.

Our labelling systems, which have been specially designed to cater for different requirements (i.e. line speeds, size and positioning of labels, data processing and safety), provide fast and reliable secondary labelling.


Matching labelling systems

Most widely used applicators

In addition to the space available in individual production facilities, the shape and size of a product are the most decisive factors when it comes to selecting a suitable applicator.  Our solutions can be flexibly adapted to almost any product size and easily integrated in individual production environments.

Practical applications