Solutions for Primary Labelling 

When it comes to the direct industrial labelling of products, Logopak offers intelligent solutions for the various specific requirements of different industries. 

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Tailor-made product labelling  

For a large variety of surfaces, shapes and batch sizes

Each product has its own individual shape, size and surface: round or conical, large or small, smooth or corrugated, made of glass or metal. The challenge and main focus of primary labelling is the precise positioning of pre-printed decorative labels of various shapes and sizes on the product, at high speeds and with high repeat accuracy, and also on particularly difficult surfaces.

Logopak offers a wide range of product- and industry-specific solutions for primary labelling, from pre-printed decorative labels that “sell” the product at the POS mainly through their attractive design, to Tamper-Evident labels and Hazardous Substances labels with additional protection and safety characteristics.

Logopak systems can be easily adapted to different product sizes, and are therefore ideal for companies producing small to medium-size batches with a special emphasis on high-quality processing and maximum system availability.

Practical applications

Most widely used applicators

In addition to the space available in individual production facilities, the shape and size of a product are the most decisive factors when it comes to selecting a suitable applicator.  Our solutions can be flexibly adapted to almost any product size and easily integrated in individual production environments.