700 Series

Simple · Efficient · Fully automated

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700 Series

Fully automated pallet labelling

The 700 Series is the ideal starter model to enter into Logopak’s world of pallet labelling. Designed for standard applications, the 700 Series is a compact, stripped-back labeller in proven Logopak quality that offers you everything you need for reliable pallet labelling. Two different versions are available for labelling the front and side faces or the back and side faces of 120 pallets per hour. 

Easy to integrate

Due to its fast and uncomplicated installation and low space requirement, the 700 Series can be easily integrated in every production line and is immediately ready to use.


The 700 Series is very flexible. It can be used as a stand-alone solution with an integrated article database, or integrated in existing production processes.


Its outstanding cost-benefit ratio and reliable performance make the 700 Series a particularly economically efficient solution for standardised pallet labelling to the GS1 standard.

Detailed description of the 700 Series

  • GS1 standard

    The 700 Series provides pallet labelling to the GS1 standard. The labels are applied on the right half of the pallet to either the front or back face (or both), and to the longitudinal side on the right. Labels are applied to the pallet in a way that shows the SSCC barcode in an area of between 400mm and 800 mm above floor level, and with 50 mm distance to the right edge of the pallet as prescribed by the GS1 standard.

  • Generating SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code)

    The pallet labeller has been designed to print and apply standard A5 pallet labels. Two labels with identical SSCC numbers are applied to each pallet. This number exists only once worldwide. Logopak systems provide automated generation and management of your SSCCs.

  • Reliable and gentle application

    When applying a label using a telescopic system, it is crucial that the applicator does not hit the product to be labelled too hard. This is because too much pressure not only increases wear, but can even damage the product in the worst case. For this reason, Logopak applicators have built-in pressure reducers. These ensure that labels are applied reliably yet gently. All pressure reducers also have a display for visual control.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • suitable for all standard applications
  • excellent cost-benefit ratio
  • complies with the GS1 standard
  • intuitive operation via touch screen
  • easy changing of materials
  • print engine quick-change system
  • direct thermal or thermal transfer printing of labels up to A5
  • internal database, error diagnosis, and many more clever features
  • works as a stand-alone solution or integrated in existing networks


700 Series, hard facts:

  • running length: 600 m
  • outer diameter: 350 mm
  • print resolution: 203 or 300 dpi
  • label width: up to 165 mm
  • labels up to 120 pallets per hours
  • 10" touch screen
  • applicator (1 or 2 sides)

Model 710/715

All dimensions in mm. Technical changes reserved

Additional technologies

PID 3SIXTY - software platform for print and data management

PID 3SIXTY makes industrial labelling processes even more efficient, safer and more transparent. The high-performance software solution guarantees flexible automation with which all labelling processes can be centrally controlled and monitored. Continuous data synchronization between the ERP system and the supported devices ensures that the right data is always available in the right place.

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For the complete traceability of all units

Logopak develops professional labelling systems for the secure programming and application of the smart RFID labels. This enables workpieces, tools, products and transport carriers to be automatically identified and localized along the entire value chain at any time - from the first raw material to the sale of the finished product to the end customer. For optimal traceability for your supply chain.

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Vericoder quality check

Pin-sharp, machine-readable barcodes are essential to ensure smooth processes along smart value chains. This is why quality is everything! With our unique verification method, we provide integrated quality checks that guarantee maximum readability of the printed barcodes at every point in the supply chain.

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