500 Series

Increased running length · Higher performance · More features

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500 Series

Fully automated high-speed labelling in top quality

Designed for high-speed product labelling, the 500 Series provides extremely high cycle rates and works with extra-long 800-metre label rolls for fewer material changes. The fully automated drive technology ensures optimal tension of the label web, and is particularly low-maintenance in comparison to conventional mechanical couplings and belts. Easy handling of labels and ribbons make the 500 series an ideal choice whenever fast and reliable labelling results and outstanding accuracy are crucial.

Increased running length

Frequent roll changes are a time-consuming factor in high-speed labelling. With a running length of 800 metres, the label rolls and thermal transfer rolls for the 500 Series provide particularly long operating times!

Full control over multi-tasking processes

Labellers are multi-tasking machines. Their light barriers need to identify exactly the right moment when to print and apply a label. In addition, the system constantly communicates with other process participants: with conveyor lines and scanners    via I/O signals, and with the IT system through the network. These processes are very complex, in particular when several labellers work in parallel on the same line. Our tandem controller provides maximum security, as your production continues reliably even in the event of a failure of one labeller, or during material changes.

Excellent stability

The frame of the 500 Series has been designed to provide excellent stability for demanding industrial applications. High-quality materials, outstanding workmanship, and the twin column which reduces vibrations and ensures that the labeller stands perfectly steady and stable, guarantee many years of reliable operation.

Detailed description of the 500 Series

  • Enclosure

    The 500 Series is available with an optional enclosure to protect the print unit and the applicators and label rolls against temperature changes, dust, moisture, or unauthorised access. Using enclosures is highly advisable, in particular when your labellers work in rough, industrial environments.

  • Controllable heating and cooling system

    Particularly low or high temperatures can have a negative effect on your consumables. Low temperatures may reduce the labels’ effectiveness while high temperatures may cause the labels to lose their stability or even lead to adhesive residues on the pulleys or the print engine. To ensure optimum temperatures during the labelling process, Logopak enclosures can be equipped with a cooling or heating system. For reliable processes down to the last label!

  • Outstanding process reliability plus track & trace

    After a label has been applied, the scanner validates the readability of each label. However, there is much more behind “data security” than just perfect readability: it must be guaranteed that, when working with large data volumes, each label contains correct and accurately printed product information. The 500 Series is therefore equipped with an integrated local database with detailed information about shipping units and individual articles. Prepared for real-time data transfer (Ethernet), this database delivers all data back to higher-level ERP systems. Real-time labelling guarantees absolute data integrity without any data offset!

Your benefits at a glance:

  • fast and reliable performance at high cycle rates
  • durable and low-maintenance
  • high operating comfort / easy handling
  • 100% electronically controlled for excellent results
  • direct thermal or thermal transfer printing of labels up to A5
  • internal database, error diagnosis, and many more clever features
  • works as a stand-alone solution or integrated in existing networks


500 Series, hard facts:

  • running length: 800 m
  • outer diameter: 400 mm
  • print resolution: 203 or 300 dpi
  • label width: up to 165 mm
  • label width: up to 165 mm
  • up to 150 labels per minute
  • 30 different applicators available
  • labels up to A5
  • enclosure: optional

Models 510 / 515

All dimensions in mm. Technical changes reserved

Additional technologies

PID 3SIXTY - software platform for print and data management

PID 3SIXTY makes industrial labelling processes even more efficient, safer and more transparent. The high-performance software solution guarantees flexible automation with which all labelling processes can be centrally controlled and monitored. Continuous data synchronization between the ERP system and the supported devices ensures that the right data is always available in the right place.

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For the complete traceability of all units

Logopak develops professional labelling systems for the secure programming and application of the smart RFID labels. This enables workpieces, tools, products and transport carriers to be automatically identified and localized along the entire value chain at any time - from the first raw material to the sale of the finished product to the end customer. For optimal traceability for your supply chain.

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Vericoder quality check

Pin-sharp, machine-readable barcodes are essential to ensure smooth processes along smart value chains. This is why quality is everything! With our unique verification method, we provide integrated quality checks that guarantee maximum readability of the printed barcodes at every point in the supply chain.

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