Labelling Systems

The right labeller series for every application!

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Labelling systems for every requirement

Cutting-edge technology “Made in Germany”

From our desktop labeller serving as a back-up solution to high-speed solutions for industrial environments, Logopak offers you a comprehensive range of different labelling systems. All our labeller series are “Made in Germany” and manufactured in our own factory in Hartenholm near Hamburg to the highest standards in traditional mechanical engineering. The wide range of different applicators available ensures that most of our labellers can be customised to perfectly meet your company’s individual needs. We will be pleased to advise you on selecting the most suitable labelling system for your requirements, support you in integrating the system in your production line(s), and carry out individual adjustments. Logopak is your one-stop supplier – everything from a single source!

Additional technologies

Intelligent data management with LogoSoft

LogoSoft makes industrial labelling processes even more efficient, safer and more transparent. The high-performance software solution from Logopak guarantees flexible automation with which all labelling processes can be centrally controlled and monitored. Continuous data synchronization between the ERP system and the supported devices ensures that the right data is always available in the right place. As a stand-alone solution or middleware, LogoSoft can be securely and easily integrated into existing ERP structures.

For the complete traceability of all units

Logopak develops professional labelling systems for the secure programming and application of the smart RFID labels. This enables workpieces, tools, products and transport carriers to be automatically identified and localized along the entire value chain at any time - from the first raw material to the sale of the finished product to the end customer. For optimal traceability for your supply chain.

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Vericoder quality check

Pin-sharp, machine-readable barcodes are essential to ensure smooth processes along smart value chains. This is why quality is everything! With our unique verification method, we provide integrated quality checks that guarantee maximum readability of the printed barcodes at every point in the supply chain.

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Efficient labelling processes, no carrier material

Self-adhesive labels usually leave behind a great amount of waste. After the label has been pulled off, the label-carrying backing paper or plastic film is no longer needed.  Hence, each label roll produces the same amount of waste in metres. Our innovative Linerless technology puts an end to that. From now on, your labelling processes will be much greener and just as reliable, without producing large amounts of waste! 

In addition to reducing waste, Linerless also saves storage space and weight during transport, which saves costs and minimises CO² emissions. Another benefit of our Linerless technology is that each roll contains 50 % more labels, which means “marathon-like” running lengths of up to 1,800 metres and therefore significantly fewer stops to change the label rolls. 

Our Linerless system also provides maximum flexibility. The labeller prints your individual contents onto the continuous label material on the roll, cuts the material in freely adjustable lengths and applies the label to the product.

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