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Data sheets for our applicators

Primary labelling applicators

  • Applicator B90 with Blow-On fuction

    Applicator B90

    No-contact, high-speed, blow-on applicator for pass-through applications.  

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  • Applicator R

    Applicator R

    Rotary blow-on applicator for particularly fast, no-contact application with up to 180 cycles per minute with variable data. 

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  • Applicator TB with integrated blow-on labelling system

    Applicator TB

    The robust all-rounder: heavy-duty design, with integrated blow-on labelling system for a wide range of applications, for products at variable heights, for pass-through or stationary labelling, can also be used in combination with a product sensor. 

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  • Applicator TB for high-speed labelling

    Applicator TB-High-Speed

    Our high-speed all-rounder: short telescope applicator with vacuum plate and blow-on function for pass-through labelling in real time. 

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Secondary labelling applicators

  • Applicator F

    The front-back expert: blow-on applicator with a swivel arm that applies labels in real time to the front and back faces in the direction of movement.

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  • Applicator TB

    The robust all-rounder: heavy-duty design, with integrated blow-on labelling system for pass-through or stationary labelling. Up to 30 labels per minute.

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  • Applicator TE

    Telescope applicator for stationary labelling across corners. Extremely robust design, perfectly suited for reliable labelling across corners, also with narrow labels that are several 100 millimetres in length.

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  • Applicator TK

    The cask expert: our telescope applicator with vacuum plate is ideal for labelling casks, kegs and other curved surfaces at varying heights.

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  • Applicator TBH

    Our high-speed champion: applicator for particularly fast labelling of shipping units and product packaging of varying heights. With blow-on function, servo drive and servo controller, designed for high-performance production lines.

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  • Applicator ETVM90

    2-axle applicator: telescope applicator with two axles for two different application positions, and with integrated roller for roll-on label application in pass-through operation.

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Tertiary labelling applicators

  • Applikator F mit Schenkarm und Anblasfunktion für die Sekundäretikettierung.

    Applicator P

    The pallet all-rounder: extremely robust design, up to 1,000 mm lift, telescope applicator for pallet labelling. Special lengths available on request. 

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  • Applikator P2 kann an der Front sowie an der Seite Etikettieren

    Applicator P2

    The two-face specialist: applies labels to the front and side faces according to the GS1 standard with only one pallet stop. 

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  • 3-seitige Etikettierung von Paletten mit dem Applikator P3.

    Applicator P3

    The three-face specialist: applies labels to the front, side and back faces according to the GS1 standard with only two pallet stops. 

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  • Doppel-Teleskop-Applikator für die 2- und 3-seitige Paletten-Etikettierung

    Applicator PFR-DK

    The cycle rate champion: dual telescopic applicator that applies labels simultaneously to 2 or 3 faces of the pallet at very high cycle rates. 

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  • Palettenschnur-Applikator zur vollautomatischen Kennzeichnung von Mehrwerg-Gebinden

    Applicator PSCK

    The pro for returnable packaging units: pallet tape applicator for fully automated labelling of returnable packaging units, applies labels to pallet securing tapes. With integrated cutter for linerless label material. 

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  • Teleskop-Applikator mit flexiblen Gurten zur Anbringung von großen Etiketten auf runden oder gewölbten Oberflächen

    Applicator PG

    The surface expert: telescope applicator with flexible belts, applies large labels to round or curved surfaces. 

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