LogoSoft Modules

Our LogoSoft modules offer a wide scope of functions that support our customer’s individual applications and requirements.

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Smart tools for specific applications

Our LogoSoft modules LogoRT, LogoBatch and LogoSync help you to realise both your real-time and serial labelling projects, and synchronise your database and labeller to make your labelling processes even more efficient and reliable.


Labelling in real time

Our module LogoRT enables fully automated labelling of shipping units in real time. LogoRT (RealTime) collects, collates and monitors the data from your production environment in a fully automated, event-based process, and in real time. 

All relevant information is fed back to your system to give you an overview of your data and events, and to ensure optimal control of your labelling processes, e.g. quantity deviations, batch numbers. 

As a fully-fledged middleware, LogoRT allows fast and uncomplicated integration in your existing IT or ERP system and ensures maximum production reliability and data security.

Your benefits at a glance

  • High data security along the entire process chain
  • Event-based process control in real time
  • Fully automated data connection and data processing
  • Integration of other devices and protocols in your production line
  • Flexible planning and processing of new print jobs
  • Production reliability through real-time processing of data from your IT system (e.g. ERP)
LogoRT data sheet

Central control of serial labelling processes

Ensures trouble-free serial labelling: LogoBatch enables you to monitor, centrally control and allocate your print jobs to one or more printing systems. Automatic data feedback to your system provides more transparency over your labelling processes. 

LogoBatch also supports the automated adaptation of print data for product-, print job- or batch changes. For more efficient and highly reliable labelling processes. 

Our serial labelling solution can be integrated in your existing system as a fully-fledged middleware or as a stand-alone tool.

Your benefits at a glance

  • High data security along the entire process chain
  • Comfortable, central data management
  • Flexible planning of new print jobs
  • Simultaneous allocation of several print jobs to different labellers
  • Interruption and resumption of print jobs is possible at any time
  • Production reliability due to the use of up-to-date master data
LogoBatch data sheet

Flexible synchronisation with your printing systems

Our module LogoSync controls the exchange between your database and your printing systems, and ensures that all data is reliably synchronised for the labelling process.

Depending on your individual requirements, the product data can be selected manually by the machine operator, or in a fully automated process through scanned product IDs. After being successfully synchronised, the coupled printing systems work independently of your servers.

Automated data feedback to your system provides you with an optimal overview of your labelling and shipping data. All data is available on all your devices: this ensures flexible working and saves time..

Your benefits at a glance

  • High data security along the entire process chain
  • Data maintenance only in the customer’s IT system, not in the labellers
  • Autonomous function – if necessary, production can be continued even without a network connection
  • Flexible planning and processing of print jobs
  • Production reliability due to the generation of data sets from the article master
LogoSync data 

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