LogoSoft - Our highly efficient software solution

Production in future-oriented factories is highly automated and intelligently networked. With our software LogoSoft, we actively promote the further development of the IoT. Enabling central control of all labelling processes, LogoSoft is our industrial middleware solution for print & apply systems. 

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Intelligent data and process management 

For increased efficiency, transparency and safety

LogoSoft is a fully integrated software solution for centralised data and process management. Our efficient software provides centralised management, control and monitoring of information on all aspects of modern labelling, also across different production sites. LogoSoft enables you to optimise and flexibly automate your labelling processes, and ensures complete traceability of all products and units.

By continuously synchronising data, machines and production processes with your existing ERP system, e.g. with SAP systems via the SAP®IDoc interface, LogoSoft ensures availability of all relevant data at the right time and in the right place. Our stand-by solution guarantees trouble-free production even if the connection to your ERP system is interrupted.

Depending on your individual requirements, our efficient modules support you in realising your real-time or series labelling projects and synchronising your database and labeller.

LogoSoft is the intelligent, future-proof solution for industrial labelling. For increased efficiency, transparency and safety along your entire value chain.


Easy integration 

Whether implemented as middleware or as an autonomous solution, LogoSoft’s numerous interfaces ensure smooth integration in existing ERP or MES environments with various different requirements, even during running operations.

Transparent processes

LogoSoft enables centralised monitoring and control of all labelling processes. The common barcode and RFID standards are already supported by the system to provide full transparency over your real-time data and complete traceability of all units.   

Increased safety and availability

As a database middleware, Logopak optimises processes and provides increased safety through error-free labelling, to ensure maximum availability of your supply chain.  

More details about LogoSoft

Monitoring: process data management at any time and at any place 

  • All integrated devices, including third-party devices such as barcode scanners or table top printers, can be recalled at a glance.
  • Centralised management and uncomplicated updating of production data and other data sets.
  • Automated data assignment to the labeller along the entire supply chain.

Leading competencies in data and process management

First-class advice and implementation 

As pioneers in the field of data management and ERP system integration, we have outstanding digital know-how. Resulting from our comprehensive experience with various different production environments and individual requirements, we are able to offer you a software solution you can 100% rely on, and that delivers on our promise of providing »Faster, Safer and Greener« solutions.  


Competent advice and analysis

Together we will analyse your current data management and labelling processes to identify those areas where LogoSoft solutions can optimise your operations and reduce your labelling costs.  Analysing your individual requirements in detail is the basis for a successful implementation of LogoSoft in your production environment. 

Professional implementation

The professional implementation and configuration of LogoSoft is essential in order to ensure that you and your employees are able to fully utilise all Logopak features, regardless of whether our systems are implemented across an entire production plant or in individual production lines. 

Reliable customer service and support

In practice-oriented training courses, we will familiarise you and your employees with our software and provide you with valuable expert knowledge. The clean user interface provides a simple overview and ensures high acceptance among users.

Our 24/7 helpdesk guarantees rapid technical support to ensure continuous trouble-free operation. Regular updates ensure that LogoSoft remains future-proof and fit to deal with the latest types of barcodes, standards, and server generations.

You can rely on Logopak’s many years of experience when it comes to making full use of the manifold potentials of digitisation.  



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